• Coffee seeds are used for preparing coffee as a beverage or as cold coffee. The coffee seed is dark brown in colour with a dividing line in between of the seed. It is ground for preparing drinks made with coffee powder. It is powdered on the very firstly.
  • The spices have been cultivated in the Malnad region located in Karnataka. This place is rich, bountiful and blessed by the Mother Nature. The reason being it rains in plenty in Malnad because of which it is green, pure and moist, suitable for the growth of coffee seeds.
  • The genus of coffee is "Coffea" which is a flowering plant that produces coffee beans. It is a member of the family of Rubiaceae.
  • According to Ayurvedic Doshas, the coffee seeds are a potent factor in promoting Vata in humans. Pitta individuals become increasingly driven and irritable after having coffee seeds. Kapha's sluggishness makes the person easily addicted to coffee seeds. Coffee seeds affects the Kaphas with depression, lethargy, etc.

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Coffee Seeds - 1 Kg

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